Top 13 Companies Hiring Remote Workers

Top 13 Companies Hiring Remote Workers

Are you looking for a chance to get out of the office through remote work, part-time or full-time, to gain better control over your time and even increase your earning potential? If so, tech companies hiring remote workers may be just what you need! This blog post will explore some remote work from home jobs, tips, and advice on finding a secure position within one of these firms.

Who are Remote Workers?

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Remote work-from-home jobs have always been around, but since the pandemic, they’ve become popular – even common. This means remote workers are in higher demand than in previous decades. Remote workers are employees who don’t have to report to traditional workplaces. Instead, they might use their homes as offices or co-working spaces like WeWork, which provides access to hot desks.

What is a Hot Desk?

A hot desk is a desk that’s allocated to a worker when required. It’s typically provided in a rotating manner and isn’t dedicated to a particular worker.

The Benefits of Working Remotely

Whether remote work part-time or full-time is your goal, working remotely offers several benefits, including:

  • More Control Over Your Work/Life Balance:  Remote workers can manage their time and are not restricted by traditional office hours.

  • Flexible Working: By being able to work remotely, employees can adjust their schedule around personal commitments such as childcare or travel.

  • Increased Earning Potential: As freelancers or contractors, remote workers are likely to earn more than those based in a traditional office environment.


Companies That Are Hiring Remote Workers

Many companies hire remote workers, from global brands to small businesses across the globe. Here is a list of some of the best:

1) Citigroup

Citigroup is a global financial services company that provides its clients with a wide range of banking, investment, and financial services. They offer remote job opportunities in customer service, finance, compliance, risk management, and technology.

2) Intuit

Intuit is a financial software company that offers accounting, payroll, and tax preparation solutions. It also offers remote engineering, product management, marketing, and customer support job opportunities.

3) Intel

Intel is a multinational technology company that designs and manufactures computer hardware and software. They offer remote engineering, sales, marketing, and information technology job opportunities.

4) Marvell Technology

Marvell Technology is a semiconductor company that designs and develops products for the storage, networking, and connectivity markets. They offer remote engineering, product management, sales, and marketing job opportunities.

5) Visa

Visa is a global payments technology company that enables consumers, businesses, and governments to make electronic payments. They offer remote job opportunities in finance, product management, sales, and technology.

6) Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that creates a wide range of integrated circuits and embedded processors. They offer remote engineering, finance, marketing, and operations job opportunities.

7) Open Education LLC

Open Education LLC is an educational technology company that provides online learning solutions. They offer remote job opportunities in instructional design, software engineering, sales, and customer support.

8) Avant

Avant is a financial technology company that provides personal loans to individuals. They offer remote job opportunities in customer service, underwriting, software engineering, and data analysis.

9) Edison

Edison is a digital healthcare company that provides telemedicine solutions for healthcare providers. They offer remote job opportunities in software engineering, product management, and customer success.

10) Wonder

Wonder is a research and consulting firm that provides insights and strategic advice to businesses. They offer remote job opportunities in research, writing, consulting, and data science analysis.

11) Sameday Health

Sameday Health is a telemedicine platform that provides virtual healthcare services to patients. They offer remote job opportunities in software engineering, product management, marketing, and customer support.

12) is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses engage with their customers through targeted messaging. They offer remote job opportunities in software engineering, marketing, customer success, and design.

13) Imarc

Imarc is a digital agency that offers website design, development, and digital marketing services. It also offers remote job opportunities in design, development, project management, and digital marketing.

Tips On Finding Remote Work From Home Jobs

So, how can you get a job with one of these top companies that hire remote workers? Here are some tips that can make your job search easier:

  • Research the company’s remote work policies: Before applying for a remote position, it’s important to understand its policies. Some companies offer fully remote positions, while others may require employees to work from a specific location for part of the time.

  • Network with current and former employees: Networking, especially in your local job market, can be a great way to find startup jobs and learn more about a company. Contact current or former employees on LinkedIn and ask for their insights on the company’s culture, remote work policies, and job opportunities.

  • Customize your application: When applying for a job, it’s important to customize it to the specific position and company. Research the company’s values and mission, and tailor your application to reflect how you can contribute to their goals.


Landing a job remotely can be a rewarding experience. There is great potential to earn money while having the time and flexibility to achieve personal goals or spend more time with family.

The good news is that companies are increasingly seeking individuals with the right attitude and skillset, so don’t wait – take action now and get ahead of the competition.

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